Adventures In Learning Preschool, LLC

Where learning is an adventure everyday!


Adventures in Learning Preschool is a small private preschool, we have been in operation since 2011. 

It is our mission to provide the opportunity for children to develop and learn through play. 

We believe that children learn best when they do so at their own pace, surrounded by other children and an environment that supports their development. We value children learning to be independent because this boosts their self-confidence. When children are confident in their own abilities they learn better, they play better and they develop new skills quicker.

We hold Christian values and while we do not teach lessons about the Bible we will take natural opportunities to talk to children about God and their faith in an age appropriate way.

Our program emphasizes outdoor play. We spend as much time outdoors as possible. One way we do this is through Adventure Days at the park. During the months where the weather is a little nicer we spend the preschool day at one of our local parks once a week. Outdoor time plays huge role in children's sensory development., which supports all other areas of growth and development. 

We have a low child to teacher ratio of a 12 children and 2 teachers.

If our program sounds like a good fit for you and your child, or if you hav additional question please contact us to set up a phone call or a tour.